This list is for those waiting in line for me to start their project.

I hope you will understand that I am one person, hand building each unit myself. I bring every bit of skill I have to bear on each project, but I usually underestimate the time things will take. I work on being more accurate all the time. I made this page in order to provide customers a way to track how close they are getting to "showtime." Of course, sometimes people have changed their minds or spent the money, so sometimes the list will move more quickly than others.

There is no obligation to be added to the list. When I am ready to start on your project I will ask for approximately 1/3 of the total price as down payment. When the unit is nearing completion, I will ask for the balance.

(Updated Feb 2015)
I am not taking any more orders for custom preamps. Health concerns have forced me to change my life and that includes no more staying up late at night soldering. As the list below gets finished, I will start making plans for how I will proceed in the future. Thanks to all the great folks who have waited so patiently for me to get to their projects.

Zach S. (waiting on customer)

Richard M. (in process)

Ken D. (in process)

Frans P.

Travis B.

Jason H.

Diogo M.

Jonathan C.

Jonathan E.

Josh F.

John S.

William M.

Jeff B.

Alfredo de M.

Patrick B.

Rick F.

Michael G.

Harry H.

Holly N.

Charles H.

Marty K.

Eric A.

If you have contacted me and are waiting for a unit, and you don't see your name on these lists please ASAP. Likewise, please contact me if you want to be removed from the list for any reason.